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Pat was born in London, England, amidst a dysfunctional family of mixed religions. She suffered childhood sexual abuse and neglect. Her parents were emotionally unavailable so she grew herself up. She went onto a career in modeling and TV, and became the leggy blonde in the comedy show Benny Hill, as well as appearing in many TV commercials and shows. Later she became a Playboy Bunny. She has suffered depression since her teen years. As well as eating disorders, anxiety and panic attacks. Her heart lies in Women’s Ministry and the recovery of women wrapped in the web of bitterness and deep rooted lies that defiles everything - the consequences of broken hearts. She writes confidently from an experiential point of view, she has been lauded as a gifted communicator and weaves the Bible memorably into modern life application. In spite of her extraordinary life, Pat is totally authentic, when asked about her life and accomplishments for Jesus - her response is that she is grateful for every trial and experience to pass along to other women. God has given me many opportunities, but then she says, “don’t forget He often uses the least likely!” join her on her journey and get your copy today.. A Root Awakening the book will set you Free!! CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW...

"A Root Awakening" Extreme Makeover for Your Heart. The Book, by Pat LaBuick